November 21, 2016

Why Socialism?

           At this point, the right-wing people should ask themselves, "Why socialism?".

Socialism because it is necessary some protection for low and middle class, it is necessary not to eliminate classes as communism does but nevertheless deal with the classes as a national whole. Being rational, I recognize that if the lower class does not have their recognition it is not good for the country or for the moral of them. Its development begins to fall, due to the weak will to fight for it and still increases the likelihood of revolutions, which is not good at all.
With this, unlike Communism and extreme socialism, I do not exclude the semi-free capitalist economy, but that I leave to another topic.
An important matter to discuss is that of the authoritarian right to approve the Theocracy. However, man must have the freedom of conscience and should not be tied to a deity regardless of being real or not. There is no concrete evidence and the government should not be guided by an assumption of such a wise entity. Otherwise, I understand the power that religion has to eliminate degeneration, and I do not intend to end it radically with it being also a politically less intelligent way of acting.

However, I am not in favor of the emotional exaggerations that socialism tends to have. Centrist Socialism generally ends up in exaggeration of freedom and individual rights which in turn tend to victimize themselves, get worse professional quality, lower population health, spoil the population, no freedom of wealth and lowers the chance to improve national wisdom, etc... In this case, I am in favor of political conservatism.

And this is how I add a good piece of socialism in
"The ideal party" cheese.

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