November 29, 2016

Is Capitalism bad?

Said by many, it is very bad. But I find it funny that "those who complain are those who go to the shops (capitalists) on the most capitalist day in the world, Black Friday, complaining about high prices but continue to enjoy and lament."[*] And they still wear brand clothes, use private cars, use smartphones and iPhones... All this is coming from capitalist production!
Capitalism is good up to a point. It is good for the economy, provides jobs and gives individual wealth freedom and private property[**], in other words, the citizen has the opportunity to create his fortune by opening a business providing jobs to the middle and lower class and still, as an individual or company, use the products sold by other private industries.
If states did not have the least capitalism, people would not be free to buy a Coca-Cola® to fresh up or buy a ben-u-ron® to relieve headaches.
Capitalism brings technology, innovation, competition, and happiness. It has been proved that the happiest countries are the most capitalistic because of the freedom of wealth and quality of life that they experience.
However, socialists generally fear capitalism, because its extremism is dangerous and corrupt. In this scenario, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer and sadder. This sadness brings anger and many begin to lean towards the extreme left wing, which is Communism or Social Anarchism. Bringing the question of revolutions, protests and coups d'├ętat.
Thus, a little bit of socialism is complemented by capitalism in order to bring a balance in which companies are monitored and controlled a little and distribute some wealth to those most in need. Doing this in the light of not being unfair to those who work, strive and study to obtain a better life.

* Written by a friend of mine ** I bet you do not want to give up your private materials and sharing them...

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