February 7, 2017

Authoritarianism or Libertarianism

If laws were created to be broken, they would never exist, and we lived in primitive communities always in individual conflicts since groups do not form without any kind of rule. Nowadays they like to talk negatively about the rules, family conservatism, social values and collective respect that is supposedly incorporated into the education of youth society.

Rules are needed precisely for a continuous evolution of wisdom, economy, good quality of social life and good individual and family security. The human being is an animal with primate bases. Even today, men and women have basic needs such as to relate sexually, and this is one of the most primitive acts that no matter how modernized the way it is done, it is this will that makes us basic beings, this imprisonment of wills and addictions. And like this example, there are several others that need to be secured by a higher authority in order to make sure the life of each one of us. It is only a way of protecting ourselves, not a form of oppression, but we should not give this responsibility to individuals, the very "wolves" who will make the mistake. Encouraging the freedom of the wrong acts is a danger to the freedom of the neighbor, therefore state imposes restrictions through laws and punishments because man is primitive in many of his behaviors.

Liberalism in practice becomes a "monkeying around" as those who test it deceive themselves on its precipice. By releasing and letting them act as they wish, they will repeat the feat, since they have not had a negative but a passive response. You can only feel freedom when your neighbor respects your freedom and the freedom of your neighbor is respected by you. It is impossible to feel freedom being that one is running over the other since it will have a negative retribution.

Thus there is a government that discusses laws, to be respected by the citizens living in that nation, and these being guaranteed by the authorities of the same.


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