February 7, 2017

Authoritarianism or Libertarianism

If laws were created to be broken, they would never exist, and we lived in primitive communities always in individual conflicts since groups do not form without any kind of rule. Nowadays they like to talk negatively about the rules, family conservatism, social values and collective respect that is supposedly incorporated into the education of youth society.

Rules are needed precisely for a continuous evolution of wisdom, economy, good quality of social life and good individual and family security. The human being is an animal with primate bases. Even today, men and women have basic needs such as to relate sexually, and this is one of the most primitive acts that no matter how modernized the way it is done, it is this will that makes us basic beings, this imprisonment of wills and addictions. And like this example, there are several others that need to be controlled by a higher authority in order to make sure the life of each one of us. It is only a way of protecting ourselves, not a form of oppression, we should not give this responsibility to individuals, the very "wolves" who will make the mistake. Encouraging the freedom of the act is a danger to the freedom of the neighbor, therefore state imposes restrictions through laws and punishments because man is primitive in many of his behaviors.

Liberalism in practice becomes a "monkeying around" as those who test it deceive themselves on its precipice. By releasing and letting them act as they wish, they will repeat the feat, since they have not had a negative but a passive response. You can only feel freedom when your neighbor respects your freedom and the freedom of your neighbor is respected by you. It is impossible to feel freedom being that one is running over the other since it will have a negative retribution.

Thus there is a government that discusses laws, to be respected by the citizens living in that nation, and these being controlled by the authorities of the same.


November 29, 2016

Is Capitalism bad?

Said by many, it is very bad. But I find it funny that "those who complain are those who go to the shops (capitalists) on the most capitalist day in the world, Black Friday, complaining about high prices but continue to enjoy and lament."[*] And they still wear brand clothes, use private cars, use smartphones and iPhones... All this is coming from capitalist production!
Capitalism is good up to a point. It is good for the economy, provides jobs and gives individual wealth freedom and private property[**], in other words, the citizen has the opportunity to create his fortune by opening a business providing jobs to the middle and lower class and still, as an individual or company, use the products sold by other private industries.
If states did not have the least capitalism, people would not be free to buy a Coca-Cola® to fresh up or buy a ben-u-ron® to relieve headaches.
Capitalism brings technology, innovation, competition, and happiness. It has been proved that the happiest countries are the most capitalistic because of the freedom of wealth and quality of life that they experience.
However, socialists generally fear capitalism, because its extremism is dangerous and corrupt. In this scenario, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer and sadder. This sadness brings anger and many begin to lean towards the extreme left wing, wich is Communism or Social Anarchism. Bringing the question of revolutions, protests and coups d'├ętat.
Thus, a little bit of socialism is complemented by capitalism in order to bring a balance in which companies are monitored and controlled a little and distribute some wealth to those most in need. Doing this in the light of not being unfair to those who work, strive and study to obtain a better life.

* Written by a friend of mine ** I bet you do not want to give up your private materials and sharing them...

November 21, 2016

Why Socialism?

           At this point, the right-wing people should ask themselves, "Why socialism?".

Socialism because it is necessary some protection for low and middle class, it is necessary not to eliminate classes as communism does but nevertheless deal with the classes as a national whole. Being rational, I recognize that if the lower class does not have their recognition it is not good for the country or for the moral of them. Its development begins to fall, due to the weak will to fight for it and still increases the likelihood of revolutions, which is not good at all.
With this, unlike Communism and extreme socialism, I do not exclude the semi-free capitalist economy, but that I leave to another topic.
An important matter to discuss is that of the authoritarian right to approve the Theocracy. However, man must have the freedom of conscience and should not be tied to a deity regardless of being real or not. There is no concrete evidence and the government should not be guided by an assumption of such a wise entity. Otherwise, I understand the power that religion has to eliminate degeneration, and I do not intend to end it radically with it being also a politically less intelligent way of acting.

However, I am not in favor of the emotional exaggerations that socialism tends to have. Centrist Socialism generally ends up in exaggeration of freedom and individual rights which in turn tend to victimize themselves, get worse professional quality, lower population health, spoil the population, no freedom of wealth and lowers the chance to improve national wisdom, etc... In this case, I am in favor of political conservatism.

And this is how I add a good piece of socialism in
"The ideal party" cheese.

November 15, 2016

The Ideal Party

The best political balance that I can imagine ever coming to exist is a blend of ideas that make sense between socialism, capitalism, and nationalism, in order to create the most perfect political ideology. 

Consequently, I'm going to divide these ideas which in a logical view are beneficent for a mostly perfect politic and philosophy in these systems. Also, there are some elements from other systems that are important too.

- From Socialism, it is benefiting the ideas of free progress, technology, and scientific research to get a better knowledge and improve the artificial functioning of the world around us. It's also good to show the people that Atheism is the reality and stop any Church from extorting the money from a blind population behind a false and dishonest "Faith" that if given any political power, would slow down human evolution and create war scenarios as it always did.
Intensifying corporate control to prevent exploiting workers and the creation of the proletariat. Also, promoting state actions in all private companies in order to gain more authority and avoid the said holdings and financial fraud.
Supporting the aerospace propagation and investment, but always controlled by the state to prevent territorial rebellion or any possible colonialist craving.
Strongly investing in public schools to have better conditions (although decreasing the use of private schools, a lightweight division through classes with students more gifted and that obviously have a more prosperous future can be created).
Promote optional copyleft idea in Industry where small and medium-sized enterprises are exempt from this advertisement.

- From Capitalism taking advantage of support and investment (even if borrowed or actions of the state) in small and medium enterprises, not forgetting the cooperation that large companies can pay by commercial means, sponsorships and mutual aid protocols.
Let companies make free exports and little imports, without competing with the production and distribution of national products.
Promote all companies to produce national products and distribute them nationally.
By lowering corporate taxes, it becomes possible to open more jobs for citizens.

- And yet from Nationalism, incrementing a division or highly specialized information police to fight drugs, the black market and internal government corruption and in any state enterprise. These services would be allowed to fight and infiltrate criminal communities or ones suspected of being so. They would also have a qualified secret information, police combat, and anti-terrorism training.
Maintaining national defense is also very important, even more, today, when we constantly receive threats from other religions and countries which are in constant conflict.
Strongly investing in national agriculture for a more autonomous country with a great quality fresh products, both in the search for resources in the national territory, as support for the creation of national companies for the autonomy of the country, and protection of personnel working in this sector.

No exaggeration to prevent fascism, but keep some moral values that contain traces of conservative concepts so as to protect society, especially the youth. Provide a more accurate and assertive education, better organization and teachings is the best way to keep society clean of crime, financial obstructions, and Heath cliff. Preparing for the reality of life and actually realize what is good and bad can bring families more welfare and a larger moral and monetary stability.

The less the drugs and similar influences youth witnesses, the lower the risk of people becoming addicted and get future health problems that also risk the nation's livelihood. After all, we are a whole, we shouldn't be selfish to the point of ignoring our country and families, as if health is concerned, who posthumously suffers are the relatives.
Forcing the control of drugs, especially their trafficking and all crimes involved in it.
Abolishing some of the laws that limit the operation of the national security forces, and increase the police rights to extinguish the national crime and terrorism.
Promoting the gradual withdrawal of tobacco for it being a huge pay cut of citizens and thus contributing to further limit the national economy. The state pays to wean and recovering of addicts.

   - From Environmentalism, adding some laws for crimes committed against animals and flora. Supporting and improving the laws that defend the ecosystem, such as designing a rule for all cities dispose of at least one green zone "x" to "x" km.
Strongly support the research and propagation of renewable energies so that pollution is reduced more rapidly.
Increasing control of the pollution that is released on the seas, wherein not only affects the animals but also the human being itself, being one of the most dangerous risks is Mercury.
Perform advertising for:
  • Sharing no longer used goods;
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle;
  • Prohibiting the act of throwing away food in catering, hotels and trade establishments which in health terms are still consumable.

In short, from my point of view, it would be an enormous socioeconomic improvement that encompasses most of the problems that humanity has. I consider corruption, the black market, and a lack of education some of the biggest problems that our economy witnesses. Degeneration is what we need to eliminate, for our own protection and healthiness.

Stopping minor extremist and vandalism groups that victimize themselves. Always asking for the freedom and equality they already have and actually acting as reverse Racist non-diplomatic groups. They talk about democracy, but what they actually do is a revolution, attempts, and threats of coups d'etat.